TNS Rewards Offer

Our offer is for a fully configurable, points or non-points based, 
multi faceted solution to integrate all of your recognition initiatives
in one simple to use and easy to manage platform.  
We work with all companies in any sector ~
irrespective of company size or budget. 


Easily fit gratitude in your budget!


• Fully Managed registration process. 
• Easily sign up and ask your employees and channel partners
to join with a simple but effective front facing web interface.
• Single sign-on options. 


•  Transform outdated performance management practices
to new engaging & ongoing processes. 
•   From Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs (ERRP),
Sales and Performance based Incentives, Service Anniversaries, Channel Loyalty Programs to Customer Recognition, Recruitment Referrals and others.


• A dynamic, web-based, mobile friendly,
Corporate Rewards Catalogue uploaded with
inspirational and meaningful, tangible rewards
centered on what your team loves.


• Full System Administration (Client Admin).
• Consultation, Custom Branding & Implementation.
• Training & Support.

Reporting & Analytics

• Real-time tracking of Point Usage.
• Valuable behavioural data provides long range actionable
insights and real time intelligence on your talent and culture.
• Supports Return On Investment (ROI) metrics.

Delivery & Tracking

• Seamless fulfilment and delivery through our established
logistic department.
• Tracking update to confirm signed and secure delivery to participant. 

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